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The crazy rich are young, wealthy people with abundant assets who often show off their wealth or flex on social media.

At a very young age --Doni Salmanan being 23 years old and Indra Kenz being 26 years old-- already racked up a lot of cash in their bank accounts, despite their upbringing from simple or ordinary families.

Doni Salmanan was from Bandung. Although he only graduated from elementary school, he was able to earn billions of rupiah.

Salmanan was famous for his videos, in which during the community slot gacor hari ini activities restriction period he gave away money to motorists at a crossroads when the red light flashes.

Meanwhile, Indra Kenz is from Medan, North Sumatra. He was known for his jargon, 'wow, so cheap' when shopping for luxury goods, or showing off his wealth through his social media channels.

Related news: Trading app fraud: Police list Indra Kenz's assets for seizure

Now, the two were reunited by the same fate. After they lived with brimming wealth like sultans, now they spend their days situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 in the Police Headquarters detention center.

Criminal Investigation Agency had named Indra Kenz, who was known as an affiliate of the Binomo binary option trading application, as a suspect in cases of alleged investment fraud, spreading false news and money laundering, and sentenced him with 20 years in prison.


Hannah Ann went on to say, “With my past, things have been public and nothing really necessarily good has come from it, in my opinion … And so keeping things private and just having our own lives ratcliff animal hospital outside of social media [makes] it more of a true, meaningful relationship for us.”

However, she still hasn’t revealed publicly just when she and Jake got together officially. When asked, Hannah did say it got serious quickly. She also stated, “We met a couple months ago and as soon as we montana brewing company met, we just had an instant connection and basically [we’ve been] inseparable since day one.”

She also commented, “Just getting to know him and us being together and incorporating our lives together, it’s just been very seamless and easy.”

Hannah and Jake are moving forward in their relationship

The couple has already met each other’s parents, and she feels like she and Jake are truly meant to be. Hannah also made the remark that thedistrictbyha they do see a future together, but right now, they are just enjoying each other for now.

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