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Watch out! More original Peloton apparel on the way…

Peloton has its sights set on becoming a full-on lifestyle brand.  With apparel revenue in 2019 of $14.7 million, it recently hired the SVP of merchandise from Amazon to lead its apparel efforts.

We probably will see Peloton move away from collaborations with brands such as Lulu, and instead compete with the likes of Lulu and Nike.  Is it a surprise given that Nike and Lulu have their eyes on digital fitness?

There’s likely massive upside as Peloton will be able to leverage its app and digital footprint to sell clothing for those who already love the brand (see https://peloride.com/2020/11/09/peloton-named-the-top-must-have-brand-of-2020/ )

What do you think?  Would you buy a Peloton top or pair of yoga pants instead of the oh-so-comfy Lulu leggings?  Comment below!

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