New Peloton manufacturing facility rumor!

Peloton demand has surged this year, and the company is trying to beef up its manufacturing capabilities ahead of the holiday season. Reports indicate that Peloton is planning on new facilities in the United States. In the meantime, there are rumors of a new facility in Taiwan. Check out the spy images below!

Beyonce and Peloton Team Up

Peloton and Grammy Award-winner Beyoncé are launching a collaboration.  Beyoncé is the most requested artist by Peloton riders who number 3.6 million. The new partnership will include a series of themed workout experiences to Peloton members via classes in cycling, strength, running, yoga, and other categories. In addition, Peloton will give away two-year Peloton Digital […]

Future prenatal or postnatal class rumor

Courtesy of @iamshack24 on Twitter who found html code on the Peloton website for “pre/postnatal” classes, there is a possibility for future strength classes for pregnant women. An interesting tidbit, Peloton SVP, Robin Arzon, who is also a Peloton fitness instructor, is currently pregnant. It remains to be seen when Peloton plans to release these […]

Chase sapphire card and Peloton Deal

Peloton and Chase have teamed up for a deal. Chase will allow its customers to earn up to $120 in statement credits on Peloton Digital and All-Access Memberships through 12/31/2021. Has anyone taken advantage of this deal? If so, comment below!

WSJ article on the Bike+: Is it worth it?

So, the financially-minded folks over at WSJ reviewed Peloton’s latest offering, and came up with a verdict:  YES! For a bike that costs $2,495, it looks identical to the previous version which is now selling for $1,895, but it features several perks that may entice certain folks. Head over to our review page to get […]

74k ride!

Some remarkable numbers for a single class– 74,055 Peloton riders took the Jess King ride in the seven days after it was released! Check out Jess’ Instagram! Curious to know:  Who is your favorite Peloton instructor and why?   Comment below!

Rough day for PTON stock holders! Further choppy waters ahead?

Peloton stock holders had a rough day today and may be in for further chop, as the country re-opens. The CEO of Pfizer was on CNBC this morning to announce that his company’s vaccine has a greater than 90% efficacy against coronavirus infection (CNN story here). This is great news for the country and the […]

Watch out! More original Peloton apparel on the way…

Peloton has its sights set on becoming a full-on lifestyle brand.  With apparel revenue in 2019 of $14.7 million, it recently hired the SVP of merchandise from Amazon to lead its apparel efforts. We probably will see Peloton move away from collaborations with brands such as Lulu, and instead compete with the likes of Lulu […]

Peloton named the top “must-have” brand of 2020

According to the annual Evercore survey, Peloton was the top “must-have” brand of 2020 among young adults aged 24-36, followed by Apple and Lululemon. The top five brands in this list include: Peloton Apple Lululemon Patagonia Nike   Do you agree?  Comment below!